Born in a family with more than four generations of native musicians, from Chapada Diamantina, Macaúbas-BA, Filipe Moreno was born in Salvador-BA, 1992. His house was always watered by great musicians and quality music. Self-taught, Filipe, starts playing the piano at the age of 5, by ear. Influenced by the extremely musical family, valuing good music and always identifying himself with Brazilian music, at the age of thirteen he gains a massive bass from the Father and also starts playing by ear. The musician says that it was a gift from God, the auditory sensibility and the musicality that was perceived from a young age by his family, who today tell him stories of that time. From the age of 14 he starts to work professionally with music, even at a young age, he was already aware of what he wanted with his own art, always carrying his musical “truth” in his luggage more than accepted by the musical identity that the artist has in his vein. He manages to open a wide range for Brazilian instrumental music and is already recognized for that in Brazil and in part of the world.

The Premio Nabor, in Indaiatuba-SP, was awarded third place at the national instrumentalists festival, with the song “Meu Tabuleiro”, a song that gives the title to his first album, in which it was performed in bass solo.

With tours in Germany, the United Kingdom and Brazil, Filipe brings a classic lightness to develop his work of Brazilian Jazz. In his musical journey, he accompanied and recorded with some great national artists such as: Yamandu Costa, Moraes Moreira, Raul de Souza, Roberto Menescal, Margareth Menezes, Nelson Faria, Leila Pinheiro, Armandinho Macêdo, Oswaldinho do Acordeom, among others.


Having countless shows, classes and workshops around the world, Filipe was invited by Sérgio Assad to make a duo with the pianist Gilson Peranzzetta at the guitar festival '' Assad ''. Thus, Filipe continued the project with the great conductor Gilson Peranzzetta, by Quincy Jones as one of the greatest arrangers in the world.

Recognized by the legendary bass player Leland Sklar (Phil Collins, Toto, Era) after a viral video on his social networks, Filipe Moreno gains more relevance and begins to dedicate himself to his solo career and ends up having notoriety doing a bass solo show. at Rio Montreux Jazz Festival, (show available on Youtube) in its first edition in Brazil, and gains more space by having an interview in the magazine "Bass Player", where he tells about his influences, the way he plays and what instruments he used in time.

Currently living in London, he develops his solo authorial work, in which he is super recognized for this feat. And also '' Filipe Moreno Trio '' with pianist Sam Watts and drummer Marius Rodrigues where they play frequently in Jazz Clubs. Filipe is also one of the youngest endorsers of '' Fodera Guitars '', one of the greatest luthieries in the world, Moreno built his instrument with Fodera to satisfy his needs as an instrumentalist, in addition to being an endorser for Pitbull Strings and Evo Straps.